Become AODA Compliant Today not 2025

The Wright Way

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AODA Workshops 1hr:

This workshop will help your management staff to move forward in implementing the new Customer Service Standards. Staff will learn the legislated requirements under the AODA. They will also learn what their responsibilities are, how to comply and what next steps are needed.

The Wright Way fee is $75.00 per person. (Max 20)

AODA Training & Workshop 3hrs:

This workshop meets compliance with the new Accessible customer Service Standards. It is ideal for front line staff and department heads. Your staff will have a greater sense and understanding of how to provide superior customer service to persons with disabilities. The workshop includes an overview of the legislation and its requirements, disability terms and definitions, and reporting and training requirements. Various simulation and interactive learning experiences help your staff to identify and remove barriers in the workplace. This workshop will change the way your staff provide service to your community!

The Wright Way fee is $125.00 per person. (Max 25)

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